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Lakeshore Drive Mid Century

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From interior design & architecture to the nitty-gritty project management & construction administration, STOCK does the heavy lifting; all with an artist’s perspective and an interior architect’s steady hand…

Our services include the selection of architectural finishes, fixtures, furnishings, and art, as well as CAD drawings of detailed space plans and elevations for projects of any size - from a pied-a-terre to an entire estate.

There’s no 
silver bullet for meaningful design.

STOCK creates unique design solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, desires and budget.

The relationship with the client, like the house itself, is built from the ground up. It is based on collaboration and trust, which allows STOCK to uncover the story the home wants to tell while ensuring our clients’ dreams are properly realized.

We believe the new luxury is about quality, uniqueness, moments and narratives.

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What does working with 
STOCK look like?

[  Schematic Design  ]

Narrative Framework 

STOCK, Client, & Architectural Partner define the aspirations of the project & lay the groundwork from which the project will be built.

This serves as the starting point for furniture and materials selections to convey the narrative of the space.

[  Design Development  ]

Design Definition 

STOCK begins sourcing furnishings, developing plans for the interior architecture, and finalizing all finish selections. 

[  Construction Documents  ]

The X’s and O’s

STOCK distills the design direction into a set of plans and documents for use in pricing and construction.

STOCK completes detailed drawings of architectural elements, finish specifications by room, and begins sourcing furnishings.

Construction Management

STOCK reviews all finishes, prototypes and shop drawings, ensuring that the integrity and quality of the original design narrative is maintained.

STOCK also manages the logistics behind the ordering, fabrication, shipping, and consolidation of furnishings. 

[  Installation  ]

Realizing the Vision

This is the most satisfying step. STOCK translates the tedious efforts of the planning and building process into the final product.

This includes the installation of the furnishings, artworks, and the layers that bring the space to life.

It is the moment where we step back, revel in the sense of belonging, and celebrate the realization of our ambitions.

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We are currently accepting new projects.

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