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Lukas Weyandt likens the art of making pottery to the medieval practice of alchemy – transforming matter into something precious. Medieval alchemists were never able to conjure gold, but Weyandt has succeeded in turning raw clay into something precious – gold in the eyes of his admirers. Precision and attention to detail guide his hand on the potters’ wheel and the resulting forms are both elegant and structural. In the glazing process, layering reveals underlying tones of blue, green, and gold emerging from the primary bronze coloration...alchemy achieved!

Lukas Weyandt is a native Angeleno who fondly recalls drawing as his childhood passion. In the formal and informal development of his creative identity, he experimented with an array of expressive forms and mediums. Once or twice he pursued creative outlets that he ultimately abandoned (yes, as a teenager, he may or may not have gotten into trouble for graffiti!). Weyandt went on to study digital media at Otis College of Art and Design here in Los Angeles, focusing on visual effects and 3D modeling.

Today, Lukas continues to work in several artistic mediums beyond ceramics, including motion graphics, painting, and sculpture. In his eyes, everything has the potential to be art. The mundane can become something greater than its base components through careful, considerate, and creative transformation. This principle is a driving force in the hands of the alchemist.