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Lee Kawasaki’s artistic mission is to create pottery that looks as though it was made by nature. Whether hand-building, or using a wheel, Kawasaki starts with a cylinder of clay and lets nature direct what it will become. In this approach, the clay possesses real agency, while the potter is the tool. The earthenware and stoneware that Kawasaki produces (shepherds) is jewelry for the home, adorning and embellishing a space, and helping to create a story reflecting the sensibilities of the owner of the finished work.

Lee Kawasaki is an Angeleno, born and bred. His artistic calling was first realized as a teenager when a particularly perceptive teacher encouraged Lee to explore his creative impulses through drawing. In his studies at NYU, he pursued graphic design where he was drawn to the transformation of pen and ink drawings of organic forms into digital work. His skills as a potter arose more recently as the next, logical stage in the manifestation of organic, physical forms.

When his work is off the wheel and out of the kiln, Lee pursues a variety of other passions, notably in his role as on-mic producer and video editor of the podcast “Your Mom and Dad.” You can find his work here at Stock Studio, and if you come in on a Saturday, you might run into the artist himself as he stops in to drop off new pieces.