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Jerrold Burchman’s work is characterized by fine sensitivity, intelligence, imagination, and power of invention. 

His capability with respect to the interaction of form and color has enabled him to produce diverse works which are unique in expressive value.

Jerrold was born in New York City and moved to Los Angeles with his family as a teenager in 1955. While he was a graduate student at U.C.L.A, Jerrold was granted the opportunity to live in Rome for two years on a Fulbright Fellowship in painting. For 60 years now, Jerrold has been exhibiting his paintings and collages in the U.S. and Europe. However, just over a year ago, Jerrold decided to challenge himself in a new way. His recent black and white paintings reflect Jerrold’s desire to create an invented, organic world of floating, dancing forms and sensations. His smaller mixed-media collages became an exciting way to combine his past and present pictorial language.

Jerrold earned his BFA and MFA from UCLA.