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Full Moon Ceramics by Jennifer Cheh embodies the principle of beauty in everyday life. 

Inspired by her Asian background and the visual aspects of ancient global and modern cultures, her work blurs the boundary between functionality and art. The result of her training as an architect is a combination of form and function guided by simple, natural, elegant lines which highlight tactile essence, and the contrast of delicate porcelain to warm, earthy stoneware.

Jennifer embraces the beauty of imperfections as part of the creative process; even accidents can result in objects that meld nature with design purpose, which transmit calm energy and a feeling of surprise free from the conventional. Since working with her hands gives her creative expression and immense satisfaction, her preferred medium is building clay.

Jennifer was born in Seoul, Korea, and relocated to New York, where she attended Parsons School of Design, earning an MFA. She moved to California and, in 1994, received her Masters in Architecture from SCI-ARC.